We provide services that can satisfy our customers.

With four business deployment projects and quality improvement, we provide services that can satisfy our customers.

“Papanets”, in addition to our own services that have developed, has expanded the four main businesses frame based on the know-how and the network which have been taken over from the group company. Surely we will answer the request of our customers for sure.

[ Building Patrol Business ]

  • Building management : Patrol, inspection and reporting
  • Building maintenance service: cleaning and inspection
  • Monthly apartment management
  • Rental futon service
  • Support for real estate rental retreat
  • Rental container patrol, cleaning, maintenance, inspection and reporting service
  • Rental Box inspection and cleaning
  • Building patrol by motor bike

[ Interior Business ]

  • Interior coordination
  • Model room coordination
  • Interior and furniture sales
  • Interior renovation
  • Interior fair planning
  • Event coordination

[ System Business ]

  • Building management and supporting system, "Jun-kun"
  • Individual goods delivery supporting system "C.Navi";

[ Nationwide Delivery Business and Delivery Service by Light Motor Vehicle ]

  • National delivery by two-person system
  • Delivery coordination by light cargo motor vehicles
  • “Minipapa” freight service coordination

Ltd. Papanets

[ Company Profile ]
Trade name :
Papanets corporation
President & CEO :
Hiroaki Ito
Capital :
15 million Yen
Establishment :
December 1995
[ Head office ]
1-5-17, Koshigaya,Saitama,343-0813, JAPAN
[ Tokyo office ]
Touyou5-31-6 Keioutouyou Bld.5F, Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0016, Japan
[ Kansai office ]
5-7-11, Keisouko No.3, Minamisuita,Suita,Osaka, 564-0043, JAPAN
[ Logistics center ]
1-12-3, Hanada, Koshigaya,Saitama,343-0015,JAPAN